Rawy Kids is Launched Today

Rawy Kids Is Launched Today 

After the long wait from your side and lots of redesigning, coding, testing and bug fixing, we have finally released Rawy Kids for Android. It has taken months to revamp the whole platform and develop a completely new interface for the app. The app interface is available in two languages, Arabic and English.Screenshot 2013 10 10 17 04 03 1024x640 Rawy Kids is Launched Today


Child Centric Interface

We have listened to our customers; the old version of Rawy Kids was not very friendly to children. The new release puts what entertains children and engages them in first place. Take a look at the image below that compares the old release with the new one.

Interface old vs new scaled Rawy Kids is Launched Today


Raw Kids Store

The new functionality this release of Rawy Kids brings is the store. In this store, you will find lots of titles available for purchase and some of them are available for free download. These titles are from different authors and different artists enabling lots of variations and tastes.Definitely, your kids will find suitable titles for their age and taste. Below there is a snapshot of Rawy Kids store.

store Rawy Kids is Launched Today

This store has cool features that you and your kids will love. The screenshots below will guide you through the features of the store.


1. Coin shop

coin shop Rawy Kids is Launched Today

Are you annoyed by having in-app purchase in apps that make your kids buy directly? We have a solution for this problem. Through Rawy Kids store you will be able (as a parent) to purchase coins. These coins will act as virtual currency inside the app and your kids will be able to download books after paying some virtual coins. These helps you keep your balance safe and will let your kids download what they really like without the need of annoying you. For example, you can set $10 monthly budget for your kids’ stories and comics and they will have the freedom to download the comics they love.  

2. Discount and gift codes

discount code Rawy Kids is Launched Today

From time to time we will have discounts on some stories for a limited number of users, we will notify our users about the discount via competition on social media or randomly. We will issue limited number of discount codes and when you receive this code and enter it in this box, you will be able to redeem this discount code and save more money :)

My Library

Screenshot 2013 10 10 17 06 22 1024x640 Rawy Kids is Launched Today
Your kids will have a library of their downloaded titles that they can access anytime. The library does not need internet connection and it allows you kids to read their downloaded interactive stories anytime and anywhere. This will be cool if you are going on a trip without internet connection and you want to keep all your kids’ books with you.


Enhanced Interactivity

We worked a lot on enhancing interactivity inside the app. This release contains lots of interactive items that we demonstrate in the new version of our story Adam and responsibility. In this story, your kids will be able to move items, play with the TV remote control and even draw the plan of the football game that Adam will play with his friends.

Adam Screenshot 2013 09 21 02 10 31 1024x640 Rawy Kids is Launched Today


Rawy Kids is available for free download on Google Play and we offer Adam and Responsibility for free on Rawy Kids store.

We will leave the rest of features for you to discover. Go ahead and download the app now and we will be very happy with your feedback. Email us your feedback on contactus@rawy.me


One More Thing

We will email some of our mailing list subscribers’ gift codes and we want you to be one of them J

So, if you want to be eligible for winning a gift card all you have to do is to write your email address in the email subscription box and click Submit.

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